How to choose the best automatic packaging machine?

News May 29 2020

The automatic packaging machine can put the eggs into the egg box elegantly, or put the egg box into the magazine of the AK-47 rifle. If you pack and send more than 10 packages per day, you may think that it would be better to use the machine. But which packaging machine should you buy? When is it worth investing in automation?

Like all automated machines, packaging machines can perform very complex and repetitive tasks with precision that cannot be achieved by humans. They do not make mistakes, they do not get tired or take vacations, and they do not expect salary or social benefits. It allows you to start comparing them with people who perform the same activities.

Man and packaging machine

What is the relationship between the price of the packaging machine and the annual labor cost of the packaging machine. If all packaging tasks are beyond the capabilities of one packer, and you have to hire another packer, you must first consider purchasing the simplest machine for sealing cardboard boxes. If you need to hire two or three people, it will make sense to buy a fully automatic sealing machine suitable for cardboard boxes of different sizes.

automatic packaging machine


The best automatic packaging machine capacity should meet your needs, and even exceed their own value, it is best to express these needs in numbers. You don't have to check the complicated technical specifications of the machine, just call the manufacturer or write "five thousand". You can use 373 cans of 12 or 12 packs "200 boxes per hour, size 9 x 9 x 6 cm, 3 packs" per day.

Even if you see a machine working somewhere and you are told that the machine is working properly, it is best to go and see for yourself. Therefore, you should ask the manufacturer for the possibility of testing before buying, especially when this is your first machine or consider buying a more expensive model.

Check the possibility of your choice being correct, passing the product "through" the packaging machine will enable you to check whether the packaging machine is the best or if something else is needed; verify the manufacturer's attitude towards the customer: if the seller refuses you to test before buying For machine requirements, you may be able to consider other suppliers. "Hosng Packing" provides customers with a test machine before purchase and after-sales tracking.

automatic packaging machine


To understand the automation of the packaging process more deeply, you must also consider the automation of the packaging plan, from planning the distribution of goods in packages, then planning the distribution of packages in pallets or containers, and finally the distribution of pallets in trucks. The turnover rate of the packaging machine is so high that the packaging planning algorithm can not only simplify the work and make it faster, but also become an economic necessity.

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