Solve 3 common nitrogen packing machine problems

News Mar 25 2020

When your automatic nitrogen packing machine throws an error code, this will have a significant impact on production. Therefore, proper preventive maintenance and training are needed to reduce the problems of bagging and sealing machines. So, how do we prevent bag packing machines from going wrong?

Before you start operating the machine, check the following:
Before attaching the heat seal, make sure the machine is turned on for at least 20-30 minutes.
Make sure the heater temperature is within the specified range.
Ensure that the product and bag loading area is free of obstacles and malfunctions.
Make sure all switches are operating normally.

nitrogen packing machine

When your bag filling machine is running, check the following regularly:
Make sure that the bag is properly placed in the machine and that there is an adequate supply.
Make sure the printer, seals, and other important components are functioning properly.
Watch the HMI screen for error messages.
On an existing basis, many errors and subsequent downtime can be avoided by developing daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and preventive maintenance plans.

Troubleshooting of ordinary bag packing machine
Error messages report problems with the bagging and sealing machine. These fault reports will be displayed on the machine's HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen.
Before delving into the details of the problem, it is necessary to determine whether the following 4 problems exist. Is the machine installed in the correct environment specified? Do you have any questions about the product or bag? Does the machine have a sufficient number of bags? Whether the environmental humidity level or temperature of the packaging machine is the same as the manufacturing environment of the bag packaging machine, otherwise it may cause failure.

nitrogen packing machine

If the above abnormalities are not found, you can continue to troubleshoot more specific prefabricated bag machines, and start with 3 common problems:
The sachet does not eat
This error indicates that the pouch was not fed into the machine correctly. Possible reasons for this error are foreign matter entering the hose or the hose is damaged, the air valve or solenoid valve is malfunctioning, the vacuum generator is malfunctioning, the vacuum pad is punctured, or the sensor is dirty

The bag cannot be opened
This error indicates that the machine cannot open the bag after it is loaded. Possible reasons for this error include sagging or incorrect loading of the bag, malfunction of the air valve or solenoid valve, and the need to change the filter.

Defective bag seal
This error indicates that the packing seal is wrinkled, uneven or weak. The possible cause of this error is that the temperature of the seal is too high
The pressure of the sealing strip is incorrect, the surface of the sealing strip is scratched or dirty, the bag is not centered or it is level in the gripper, etc.
In the daily packaging production process, proper preventive maintenance and operation training are required to reduce the failure of the bag sealing machine.

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