Selection of liquid packaging machine

News Apr 27 2020

Whether you are building a new plant or automating an existing plant, considering a separate machine or investing in a complete production line, buying modern equipment is a difficult task. In addition to improving operational efficiency, it should also not affect product quality and hygiene.

There are many aspects and standards to consider when choosing the best liquid packaging machine for your business.
Product details
Define your product viscosity. Is it fluid or watery or semi-viscous? Still sticky? This will help you determine the type of packing that is right for you. The piston filling machine works well for thick and viscous products, while the gravity filling machine works better for thinner fluid products.

Biotechnology or medical products require aseptic filling in a sterile environment; chemical products require fire and explosion-proof systems. Before deciding to use a liquid packaging machine, such details must be listed.

When considering using a liquid packaging machine, be sure to specify the type of container to be filled. Do you want to fill soft bags, four packs or bottles? If it is a bottle, what is the size, shape and material? Glass or plastic? What type of cover do I need? Crimp cap, fill cap, gland cap, tighten, spray – there may be countless options.

Level of automation
Even if it is the first attempt to perform automatic liquid filling, the daily or annual output should be determined. Defining production levels makes it easier to calculate the speed or capacity of the machine to be considered per minute / hour. The selected machine should have the ability to grow as the operation grows.

The number of bottles per minute required to meet production needs will help you determine a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging system. For small batch production, semi-automatic or even manual liquid packaging machines are meaningful. When the production volume increases or new products are introduced, you can upgrade to a fully automatic product, which can greatly increase the filling speed.

Whether the new liquid packaging machine you intend to purchase can be integrated with existing equipment, or even with equipment purchased in the future. This is critical to the overall efficiency of the packaging production line and to avoid future jamming by outdated machinery.

Filling accuracy is the main advantage of automatic packaging systems. Insufficient filling of the container will cause customer complaints, while overfilling is a waste that you cannot afford.
Automation can ensure accurate filling. The automatic filling machine is equipped with PLC, which can control the filling parameters to ensure consistent and accurate filling of product flow. Eliminate product overflow, which not only saves money by saving products, but also reduces the time and expense spent cleaning the machine and surrounding area.

HOSNG provides food packaging system, medicine packaging system and customized packaging system. Through the integration of packaging system, they can be smoothly integrated into your operation.

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