What are the packaging adjustment methods for Powder packaging machine?

News Mar 03 2021

        Powder packaging machine is the general name of packaging equipment for packaging powder products, which is suitable for automatic bag packaging machine products for powder products. General machines can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, filling, sealing and cutting. The packaging accuracy and speed of Powder packaging machine are related to the pitch, bottom diameter and spiral shape of the outer diameter machine.
        It should be said that the packaging accuracy of the Powder packaging machine is directly related to the outer diameter of the spiral. As mentioned earlier, the relationship between the packaging accuracy and the spiral pitch of the Powder packaging machine, as well as the relationship with the spiral pitch, is based on the premise that the spiral outer diameter is determined before the comparison. Generally speaking, when selecting the metering screw for the powder metallurgy packaging machine, it is determined according to the size of the packaging specification, and at the same time, the proportion of the material must be considered for appropriate adjustment.

   Powder packaging machine is a small-dose powder packaging machine, that is, the packaging specification is in the range of 5≤5000 grams. The most commonly used feeding method is spiral punching, and there is no instant weighing measurement. Spiral blanking belongs to volume measurement mode. The volume consistency of each pitch is the basic condition that determines the measurement accuracy of the Powder packaging machine.
        When we all adjust the powder packaging machine packaging, we can all adjust the powder packaging machine according to the above adjustment methods. These are all we need to master, and we all need the correct way to operate and use the powder packaging machine.

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