Tips for buying a vertical filling and packaging sealing machine

News Jun 24 2020

Each manufacturer provides its own technical style, and even the prices of comparable packaging sealing machines from different manufacturers may vary greatly. Use the following ten tips to help guide the successful completion of the purchase process.

The capacity of the machine should be consistent with the maximum packaging volume
When purchasing a vertical bag-making packaging machine for the first time, its size is sufficient to pack all bags from the widest to the narrowest. The problem with this method is that the wider the bag, the larger the bag making and packaging machine and the more expensive the price. In addition, large machines tend to work well with wider bags, but are not satisfactory with narrower bags. 

A more effective strategy is to adjust the size of the machine to the width of the largest-capacity bag, which is the size most in need of automation. This may require semi-automatic operation of bags of other sizes, or consider buying a second machine. Don't deliberately designate a machine as Jack of all industries, because it will eventually become an omnipotent master.

Manufacturer's recommendation
Film companies are film experts who invest in the latest manufacturing technology to reduce costs and improve performance. Machine OEMs should have experience in cooperating with the best packers and recommend samples to customers that are most suitable for the application. Don't buy film from the film seal OEM, because it is just a revenue-generating tool and is not in the customer's best interest. 

Machine OEMs should provide flexibility on filling machines
The filling machine is a specialized machine that can collect items and then synchronize them to meter the product into the bag-making packaging machine. The filling machine is optimized for the type of product to be packaged. During the service life of a bag-making packaging machine, due to changes in the product mix, there may be two, three, four or more filling machines attached On the machine. 

Tool conversion and other key operational strategies
The ability to efficiently run bags of multiple sizes on one machine provides greater flexibility for the organization. The quick way to "switch" the machine between bags of different sizes is to let the operator switch between filling tubes of different sizes without the use of wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools. On the other hand, the operator interface should be intuitive and easy to understand, and should use multiple languages ​​to suit various operators. The help function on the screen should actually be able to provide help without requiring a bachelor's degree in software engineering to navigate. 

Ask the manufacturer about the average annual operating cost
Many parts on the machine are considered consumables because they need to be replaced regularly. Compared to other components, other parts that need to be operated at hotter temperatures need to be replaced more frequently, but not as frequently as wearing parts. Continuous procurement of consumables and spare parts costs should be considered in purchasing decisions. 

Each application has its own uniqueness, but it also has something in common. Using these few techniques can successfully guide purchase decisions.

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