The solution to the problem when the automatic packaging machine is used

News May 18 2021

In the process of using a fully automatic packaging machine, various problems will always be encountered. Here are three more commonly used methods:

automatic packaging machine

1. Try to avoid or eliminate the influence of static electricity. The automatic packaging machine is prone to static electricity during the labeling process, and static electricity has a greater impact on the labeling effect. We can solve this problem by appropriately increasing the humidity of the labeling part while controlling the cleanliness of the equipment. Prevent the label from being contaminated by dust, thereby improving the label quality of the product. This can prevent the label from warping during the labeling process and ensure the appearance of the label.
2. Improve the surface quality of laminated products.
    Most products have a lot of varnish on the surface, which will increase the difficulty of labeling and easily cause the contents to ooze. The micro-holes in the tube wall can cause the label to lift up. In response to this phenomenon, it can be applied to automatic packaging machines. Control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process, or control the temperature during the labeling process. Among them, increasing the labeling temperature not only helps to improve the price labeling effect of the automatic packaging machine, but as the temperature rises, the activity of the substance inside the object will increase correspondingly, which can better integrate the label and the tube body. . ...
3. When a problem occurs, adjust the gap between the squeegee plates. From the structural point of view, the target plate and the rubber roller are only in contact with each other without any pressure. At this time, the gap can be adjusted by adjusting the bearing seat at the lower part of the rubber roller. If necessary, adjust the bearing on the top of the rubber roller.

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