Safety precautions when using pillow packing machine

News Sep 24 2020

Pillow packing machine is a kind of frequently used mechanical equipment in modern manufacturing equipment. In the constant work over time, there are many things that need our operators to pay attention to. Do the maintenance and maintenance work of pillow packing machine on weekdays. It can better create benefits for our company, and it can also ease our work. Pillow packaging machine is a wide range of applications, simple and convenient operation, powerful and stable automatic packaging equipment, correct and reasonable setting of different parameters can make it more convenient, the following is an introduction to the daily pillow packaging machine What should be paid attention to in the work?

1. During the peak production season, the company should regularly inspect, clean and lubricate each pillow packaging machine. At the same time, it should also do a good job of heat dissipation and ventilation. Do not put the pillow packaging machine in high temperature, humidity, or dirt. Random use can not only prevent product contamination, but also prevent equipment performance from being affected.

2. The overhaul and maintenance of the pillow packing machine must be carried out by professional electrical maintenance personnel when the power is turned off.

3. The new operator should not operate the pillow packaging machine until he has a thorough understanding of the correct operation method of the pillow packaging machine, and in order to improve safety, it is better to have professionals in the early stage to teach, and unauthorized and professional personnel are not allowed to do the pillow packaging machine without authorization. Change data and arbitrarily disassemble and assemble.

4. Before opening the pillow packing machine, check the work surface, the input belt, and the horizontal sealing knife. There must be no tools or nothing, and observe whether there are abnormalities around the machine.

5. During the packaging and production process of the pillow packaging machine, because the parts of the sealing and cutting film are of high temperature, it is not allowed to touch the heating sealing wheel, the sealing mold and the moving parts at will to prevent burns. It is also forbidden to extend your hair, gloves, and clothing into the movable parts of the pillow packaging machine to avoid being involved in accidents.

Applicable industries: Pillow packaging machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, toys and stationery, daily necessities, secondary products, a plastic product, industrial products, food industry, hardware products, auto parts, industrial parts and other industries.

Do you know the four characteristics that a packaging machine should have?
Nowadays, the packaging machinery market is very saturated. Various packaging machinery manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and this has also led to the appearance of different levels of product quality in the packaging machinery industry. So how can packaging machinery be considered qualified?

1. Applicability to packaging content

A. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to the characteristics of their products. Of course, many materials will have models made for the materials in the market, which requires buyers to find them in the market. It will be much more convenient to choose in this regard with a direction, and you can meet your own requirements based on multiple comparisons. If there is no corresponding model in the market, the customer should choose according to the nature of the product, such as the product is easy to fall off or loose, and then choose the film, because the film moved down by the machine is sealed on the top of the material during the packaging stage, and no residue Throwing into the machine can also ensure the integrity of the packaging.

B. If the speed requirement is not high (less than 120 packs/min) and the packaging film is saved, it is recommended to buy a reciprocating film, which can save packaging film and make the product look compact after packaging.

2. The stability of the packaging machine itself

This should be a problem that all customers need to consider when choosing a packaging machine. Of course, there is no technical problem of how to choose. Customers need to test as many machines as possible when choosing to ensure that the machine can run stably for a long time.

3. Speed ​​requirements of the packaging machine

Packaging speed is a very important criterion when customers choose a packaging machine. When customers determine the expected output, they also determine the speed of the pillow packaging machine. After all, the customer mainly considers the production capacity, because the packaging method of the packaging machine on the market currently determines the packaging. The speed, for example, the speed of the reciprocating packaging machine is less than 160 bags/minute, and the packaging machine of the rotary knife can reach more than 400 bags/minute. At the same time, the speed of the pillow packaging machine is also related to the size of the packaging material and the added components.

4. Operability and safety of packaging machinery

Since the current packaging machine also requires the operator to adjust and install the film, including some necessary settings and adjustments to the packaging machine when packaging different materials, this requires the packaging machine to perform these tasks as easily as possible, which not only saves time, but also does not require Special training for operators can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Every company advocates production safety. For the safety of operators, packaging equipment should be protected.

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