Precautions for these operations of Powder packaging machine

News Dec 08 2020

The price of each powder packaging machine is more expensive, so you need to pay special attention when using it, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment. Some seemingly simple operations can actually cause great damage to the equipment. Today's editor will focus on the matters needing attention in the operation of the Powder packaging machine. Let us give us an explanation and hope to help us.

   1. Set the parameters of each part according to the powder packaging machine manual to ensure the accuracy of packaging after the start of the operation.

   2. In the powder packaging machine packaging process, the operation of each process must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard.

      3. When the automatic powder packaging machine is packaging, if there is a leakage phenomenon, please do not put the weighing scale on the weighing platform, otherwise, the computer will think that the precise data of the one-time blanking has been adjusted to affect the subsequent consecutive operations Accuracy and speed;

   4. If there is any foreign matter found in the mouth of the material cup during the operation, the machine should be shut down and taken out. Note: Do not hold foreign objects with your hands before shutting down to avoid damage to the body caused by the rotation of the photoelectric spiral.

   5. When replacing and cleaning the cup screw, it is strictly forbidden to swing the screw horizontally to avoid breaking the screw slot in the next operation and affecting the measurement accuracy of the screw and the cup. When disassembling, it can be moved up and down to gradually disassemble. When the spiral is difficult to disassemble, the long shaft can be loosened and the spiral can be disassembled together.

  6. ​​Do not place heavy objects on the sensor and cannot sit down. The maximum load capacity shall not exceed the maximum weighing scale. Do not allow the sensor to be close to a larger seismic source, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the sensor.

7.Powder packaging machine needs to pay attention to the thickness, direction and orientation of the two gaskets when changing gaskets. The bottom plate of the tension wheel must be narrow inward, and the orientation of the gaskets is best based on the orientation of the movable sprocket. To adjust its upper and lower positions.

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