Precautions for the use of Face Mask Making Machine

News Jul 01 2021

The face mask making machine needs to be repaired and maintained at any time to ensure its working life. In the upcoming process of use, the face mask making machine is prone to mechanical automatic maintenance. If this problem occurs, you need to take immediate maintenance measures, and you can install the tired machine yourself. The situation is getting worse, the face mask making machine may rust or appear badly, resulting in a decline in the working capacity of the machine manufacturing.

In the process of masks, the precise requirements of the face mask making machine are actually very good, so the mechanical performance needs to be stable. In case of sudden appearance or deformation on the face mask making machine, it needs quick maintenance, and it is easy to make many kinds of Reduce the accuracy and speed of the entire machine. Of course, under the premise of using the face mask making machine, we need to ensure that the necessary elements of the mask machine are used in full. After checking the use of the face mask making machine, let's talk about the production process of the mask machine below. Here we will take the folding face mask making machine as an example.

Speaking of the production process of the folding face mask making machine, we can divide it into 5 steps:

1. We need to hang the automatic head on the folding face mask making machine, including the device for welding ear straps. The upper fixing needs to be fixed on the workbench, and the middle insert plate needs to be installed on the workbench longitudinally.

2. The bottom surface including the fixed plate needs to be secured, and there must be a welding head. The nail head welding needs to be on the middle board.

3. Corresponding to the earth position of the butt welding head, it needs to be on the track with the jumping clip. The clip track needs to prepare the jumping clip in advance, so that the middle line of the clip track can be inserted vertically in the middle.

4. In addition, the lower line of the intermediate board is driven by a rotating clamp, so that the intermediate line of the rotating clamp drive can ensure that the driver is plugged in the middle. The rotating clamp driving seat needs to have a rotating clamp that moves and rotates in three directions. , In this way, it is directly ensured that the position of the clip movement is the correct and appearing position of the rotary welding head.

5. We weld the band to the mask through the ears of the ear band welding band, which can realize real production, and the production capacity is greatly improved. In this way, the welding position of the ear band of the mask produced is more accurate, and it also saves packaging materials. .

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