Powder packaging machine equipment advantages

News Feb 06 2021

Powder packaging machine is mainly used in the packaging of powder materials, such as milk powder, flour, coffee powder, tea powder, soy milk powder, sweet powder, etc. It can also be used for condiments, glucose, soap powder, chemical seasonings, fine sugar, Powder medicine and other products. What are the advantages of Powder packaging machine equipment?
The advantages of Powder packaging machine equipment are as follows:
1. It is used to measure powder materials that are easy to flow or have poor fluidity.
2. The machine can complete the work of metering, filling, nitrogen filling, etc. The screw is driven by the servo motor to rotate to achieve the purpose of metering and filling materials.
3. The stainless steel open-type bin is easy to clean and meets the enterprise's safety and health management requirements.
4. It adopts rotating screw feeding, independent stirring, servo motor control system, which has the advantages of sensitive action, fast metering speed, high precision and stable performance.
Powder packaging needs to be quantified with a screw-type quantitative weigher, and a screw-type feeder is used to load the material, with appropriate room temperature and appropriate air humidity, to solve industry problems such as flying dust and large powder quantitative errors.

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