How to solve the spilling problem of granule packaging machine?

News Mar 29 2021

The granule packaging machine adopts metal parts, and we should avoid humid environments and create a dry working environment for it to ensure its normal operation. The granule packaging machine is not satisfactory in terms of the effect of packaging powder materials and the compatibility of material varieties. So how should we all solve the problem of spilling granule packaging machine?
1. The powder-type products are small in size, and it is easy to produce powder "counter-attack" during the packaging process. The "counterattack" phenomenon will cause the packaging to be lax and pollute the working environment to a certain extent. Because the vertical packaging machine discharges vertically, the distance between the discharge opening and the bottom of the packaging bag is relatively large. The bag is made while packaging. During the blanking process, the material slides into the bag using the packaging material as a "slide". It will contaminate the seal and prevent the seal from being sealed.
2. The horizontal full-automatic packaging machine adopts the filling method of making the bag first and then unloading the material. The unloading port can be directly inserted into the bottom of the packaging bag to discharge the material, so as to avoid dust. If the powder particles are extremely fine and easy to rise, a suction device can also be installed at the upper seal to absorb a little powder that is adsorbed at the mouth of the bag.

The distribution of granule packaging machine is mainly the situation described above. When there is a problem, we all need to solve the distribution of granule packaging machine in time, and all of us need to solve the problem in time.

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