How to adjust the operation of the powder packaging machine

News Jan 14 2021

The packaging of powder products is inseparable from the Powder packaging machine. It can automatically complete operations such as metering, filling, sealing, and cutting. The packaging accuracy and speed of the powder packaging machine are directly related to the pitch, bottom diameter, and spiral shape of the outer diameter machine. The packaging accuracy of the Powder packaging machine is directly related to the outer diameter of the spiral. The connection between the packaging accuracy and the screw pitch, and the connection condition with the screw pitch is to confirm the outer diameter of the screw before comparison. Under normal circumstances, when the powder packaging machine selects the metering screw, it is confirmed according to the packaging specification, and the proportion of the material must be adjusted appropriately.

The common feeding method of powder packaging machine is spiral punching, and there is no real-time weighing measurement. Spiral blanking is attributed to the volume measurement method. The volume consistency of each pitch is the basic condition for selecting powder packaging machine measurement accuracy. Therefore, when adjusting the packaging of the Powder packaging machine, the machine can be adjusted according to the above adjustment methods, and then the packaging machine can achieve higher packaging accuracy.

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