Different classifications of packaging sealing machines

News May 19 2021

The product feature of the  packaging sealing machine industry is that there are many types of products, different companies have different product series, and different series of products also have different models of products. From different perspectives, different product classifications can be made.
From the perspective of the entire industry, there are roughly two types: front-end packaging and back-end packaging.

packaging sealing machine

According to my personal understanding, the former packaging is to pack the packaging material, that is, the produced product, into a packaging container, and then seal it to form a complete product. Therefore, it is only the front-end package part. As the packaging equipment and models of different products are different, the packaging equipment is also very different.

Back-end packaging is mainly to combine products into the main packaging unit, in terms of product storage, transportation and sales. There are many kinds of packaging for this part. The manufacturer needs to repackage the product. According to packaging materials, secondary packaging can be divided into carton packaging, paper packaging and plastic film packaging. In addition, after the secondary packaging is completed, it generally needs to be palletized and then transported to the warehouse. This completes the packaging and production of the entire product.

The front-end packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging containers are closely related, so there will naturally be obvious industry characteristics, and each industry will naturally have a different name for the equipment. The relevance of downstream packaging and products is relatively low, so we often hear companies introduce themselves, they are specialized in the production and development of downstream packaging equipment.

The above is the classification of packaging sealing machines.

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