Correct use of powder packaging machine

News Jan 29 2021

When we operate and use the Powder packaging machine, we only need to follow the correct operation process to adjust it for long-term use.

1. Before use, please remove the two screws on the bottom plate of the Powder packaging machine.

2. Plug in the power supply, turn on the switch on the side of the machine, the computer control panel indicator light is on, and the machine announces a "di-" prompt sound, press the feed button, the machine will automatically clear and enter the standby state.

3. Pour the granular materials that need to be divided into the bucket, and press the plus/minus button on the control panel to set the packaging weight you need.

4. Set "Fast, Medium, Slow" on the speed control panel to select the speed you need.

5. After the speed is selected, press the start button on the control panel, the machine enters the fully automatic state, and automatically continuous quantitative dispensing.

6. When the powder packaging machine starts the granule packaging, the demand is suspended or the material has been filled, you can press the continuous key to make the machine in continuous standby.

7. The packaging quantity of quantitative packaging will flash in the "quantity" column. If you need to eradicate the flashing value, you can press the reset button or switch the machine from the beginning once.

8. When eradicating the materials outside the powder packaging machine, please press and hold the unloading button for 5 seconds, the machine will enter the unloading situation.

It is used to measure powder materials that are easy to move or have poor mobility. The machine can complete the work of measuring, filling, and nitrogen filling. The screw is driven by the servo motor to rotate to the purpose of measuring the filling material. The stainless steel open-type material box is easy to pick up, which fits the enterprise. For safe and hygienic processing requirements, the use of rotating screw feeding, independent mixing, servo motor control system, has the advantages of flexible action, fast metering speed, high precision, and stable function.

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